We are wholesale exporters & suppliers specialized in processing, branding, and packaging of African foodstuffs. Items include soup ingredients such as achi, bitter leaf, crayfish, egusi, ogbono, ukazi, smoked shrimp, palm oil, African spices, and seasonings. We export catfish, stockfish, snail, plantain, garri, yams and yam flour, nuts (kola nut, bitter kola, coconuts), beverages such as Milo and Bournvita, etc.

Our Company is one of the widely trusted exporters and suppliers of agricultural products from Nigeria to any country in the world.

We export the following agro-products; bitter kola, kola nut, wonderful kola, cocoa powder, cocoa cake, cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, cashew nut, shea butter, tiger nut, moringa seed, hibiscus flower, sesame seed, split dried ginger, soya bean, and charcoal.

We also do a local supply of mineral-like Kaolin, dolomite, vesper stone, calcite stone, calcium, zinc, and gold.