Yam porridge is one of the easy to make Nigerian foods that are loved, prepared and enjoyed by many. Just as mentioned in the blog post on the preparation of porridge yam, the porridge yam is easy to make. This favorite food is yummy and is popular among many Nigerian restaurant chains and kitchens. For a fantastic experience, the yam porridge is cooked with vegetables, though some people prefer to add chicken chops, stockfish or dry fish to their own food. Whichever way it’s cooked, yam porridge is one food few Nigerians can ignore.

In today’s post, we will be taking you through the process of preparing this delicacy, right from the ingredients down to the part where you have it simmering on your plate.

The ingredients for Yam Porridge

The ingredients for an average pot of yam include;

  • Yam chops preferably our specially prepared Simpli Natural yam chops.
  • A half cup of crayfish
  • Two cubes of preferred seasoning
  • 5 cl of palm oil
  • Ten to fifteen balls of ripe tomato
  • Two bulbs of onions
  • Preferred protein (Chicken or fish)
  • Vegetables (If you like)

How to prepare porridge yam

Like mentioned earlier, preparing yam porridge is pretty easy. Start with washing the yam cubes and set them aside. Proceed with washing and slicing or grinding the tomatoes, fresh pepper, crayfish, and onions.

When you’ve got everything ready, start by pouring about ten cl of palm oil into a cooking pot and allow to heat and bleach for about two minutes. Add the ground tomatoes and pepper and fry for about five to ten minutes to remove their sour taste.

Add water to the mixture and proceed with adding the already washed yam chops. Add water until the yam pieces are almost submerged in the soupy mix.

Allow the mixture to boil for a while before proceeding with the addition of your preferred protein, seasoning and salt. After adding these last ingredients, allow the food to cook for the next ten to fifteen minutes which will make the yam chops soften.

When the yam cubes have softened enough for consumption, you can add your vegetables. Vegetables are very nice for porridge yam because it adds to the nutritious value of the food.

Cook the food for another three to five minutes and you have for yourself, a full pot of delicious Nigerian yam porridge.

If you like enjoying good food just as we do, you should get yourself a cup of chilled freshly prepared fruit juice to go with your delicious meal.

Explore the richness of yam porridge!

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