Porridge plantain is one of the delicious foods that are loved, prepared and eaten by Nigerians. This meal which is sometimes called plantain porridge is easy to make, and the preparation is similar to that of porridge yam which we will be discussing in a later post. Though similar, the preparation of plantain porridge has a little twist and slight changes from the preparation of yam porridge.

This delicious meal is usually made with unripe plantain though some people prefer it when it’s ripe. For an explosive faint sugary taste, you can combine both ripe and unripe plantains.

This meal (when made with unripe plantain) is known for its richness in iron and is highly recommended for diabetic patients. In other words, if you are looking for Nigerian foods for diabetic patients, we recommend you go for unripe plantain whether porridge or not.

One thing to note though is that though unripe plantain is ideal for diabetic patients due to its rich iron contents, once it is ripe, it becomes carbohydrate and is no longer safe for diabetic patients. This undeniably determines the type of plantain porridge you’ll go for.

Okay! Enough talk. Let’s dive right in!

The ingredients for Plantain Porridge

  • Unripe plantain
  • Palm oil
  • Fresh tomatoes
  • Fresh red pepper
  • Bulbs of onions
  • Cubes of maggi
  • Meat and fish of choice
  • Crayfish
  • Vegetable oil

You can choose to add vegetables, as much as you like.


Making plantain porridge is really easy.

You can start with parboiling the meat with a cube of maggi, salt and any other spice or flavor of your choice. When the meat begins boiling, allow the water to dry. Add more water and cook until the meat is soft for consumption.

If you’re combining both meat and fish, this is the stage where you add your fish and add another cube of maggi, sliced onions, and salt to taste.

Proceed with peeling off the green outer layer of the plantain and slice the plantain to your preferred size. Slice the tomatoes, peppers and another bulb of onion. Simpli Natural has got you covered with freshly chopped plantain that is ready to be cooked. All you need to do is purchase yours and start cooking without going through the stress of peeling off the green outer layer.

Once the meat and fish are properly parboiled, you can remove the fish and continue cooking with the meat. Add about 10cl of palm oil for about 4 medium sized unripe plantains, add a cup of water of about 75cl, about two spoons of ground crayfish and salt to taste.

According to your taste, you may also add another cube of maggi and allow the mixture to boil for 5 – 10 minutes.

Add the sliced plantain, spray the sliced tomato, onions, and fresh pepper at the top, add the fish and allow the food to cook for about 15-20 minutes.

Check the food to see if the water is dried and the plantain is cooked properly. Add your vegetables if you have any, and allow to simmer for about 2-3 minutes.

Stir the mixture, and you have for yourself a delicious pot of plantain porridge. Yummy.

For an astonishing experience, you can serve this meal with a chilled cup of your favorite drink and just like always; we advise you to go for a freshly prepared fruit juice.

We hope you enjoy your dish!

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