Garri is also known as “cassava flakes” or occasionally called tapioca. It is a West African food made from cassava tubers.
At Elafoods we process, package and export both yellow Garri and Ijebu Garri.

Ijebu Garri is one of the varieties of Garri in west Africa, Its produced mainly by the Yoruba people of Ijebu Origin in Nigeria. It has a pleasantly sour taste that is great for soaking – when you add cold water, room temperature water or milk and eat with a spoon like eating cereal.

 Ijebu garri made peeled cassava tubers, washed and grated or crushed to produce a mash. The mash could be mixed with palm oil (oil garri) before being placed in a porous bag. It is then placed in an adjustable press machine for 1–3 hours to remove excess starchy water.

Both varieties of Garri have similar processing methods; the yellow garri is made by color can be achieved simply by adding a few drops of palm-oil (mmanu nri) to the cassava flour during the frying/drying stage.


Health Benefits of Garri

  •     Garri is highly rich in starch and fiber content.
  •      It is also noticed to contain some amount of proteins and some essential vitamins.
  •      It is very helpful in preventing ailments such as constipation and bowel diseases.


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