Locust Beans

Locust beans are botanically called Parkia Biglobosa.  it is locally called Eware by the Edo, Dawadawa by the Hausa’s, Iru by the Yoruba’s and ogiri by the Igbos.

Elafoods locust beans are a type of fermented and processed locust beans used as a condiment in making different soups and stew across the country. It is rigorously processed in a very clean and hygienic manner/environment.

It can be found fresh or dried. The fresh variety is usually round. It has a very pungent smell.

The dried variety is flattened into discs or cakes for sale. In other to maintain freshness and usage for longer periods, Locust beans can be stored in freezers in an airtight container.


Health benefits of Locust Beans

1)The most valuable part of the locust beans are high in lipid (29%), protein (35%), and carbohydrate (16%)

. 2)Locust beans are a good source of calcium and fat.

3)It also contains a natural nutrient that can maintain eye health

4)Use to control cholesterol

5)Locust beans treat Diarrhea

6)it helps vision to be clearer



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