Ofor seed

Ofor seed is also called detarium microcarpum. Ofor powder is gotten from ofor seed. The seed is air-dried and grinds into a ready to cook powder

Elafood Ofor seed is 100 percent natural, dried ofor seeds, and well packed to give you the freshness you desire.

Ofor is a condiment used for making ofor soup or as a thickener for soups. The impact of ofor is revealed especially when preparing oha soup. The aromantic flavor makes it a good alternative for preparing most of the traditional soups.


Health Benefit of Ofor

  1. Ofor is highly medicinal
  2. it is also an excellent source of anti-oxidant and they are rich in vitamins.
  3. It is a thickener for soup and it works best like cocoyam powder or achi.



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