Wonderful Kola

What is Wonderful Kola?

Wonderful Kola whose botanical name is (Buchholzia coriacea) is a perennial plant that grows on the tree belonging to the family Capparaceae. It is popularly known as memory nut because it has been proven to enhance memory. In Nigeria, it is called different names by different ethnic groups: Igbo calls it “Uke”, Yoruba calls it “Uworo”, and Edo calls it “Owi”. It has been found to be effectively used for many years as an herbal concoction to cure several diseases or illnesses in the body across the world, it is predominantly grown and used by Africans.

We are the major supplier of wonderful kola in Nigeria.

The benefits of wonderful kola
  1. Wonderful kola is said to be a good cure of typhoid and malaria
  2. It helps to cure cough
  3. It is also used to cure toothache
  4. It has high antibiotic values
  5. It can be used to treat high blood pressure
  6. For ladies having irregular and painful menstruation wonderful kola is said to treat it.
  7. It is used to treat pile, stomach pain, backache, and chest pain.





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