Nigeria is a blessed country. From natural resources to the delicious meals with their origin in Nigeria, Nigerian has all it takes to put smiles on faces. An aroma of a lovely Nigerian cuisine wafting out from a restaurant or local canteen can make you run into a wall or possibly miss your way. The sight of a well prepared and garnished Nigerian food makes your hunger hormones run loose and wild until soothed by that food the eyes have eaten.

From the Hausas, Yorubas, and other tribes’ food, down to the Nigerian dishes, Igbo people dish out, you will observe that you haven’t tasted anything as delicious. ‘Sumptuous’ has no better definition than ‘an ideal dinner in Nigeria.’ You might wonder how you can cook these delicacies that make your tastebuds crave more food even when your mind screams ‘no more.’ You have absolutely nothing to worry about because Nigerian foods are simple and easy to make. All you need to do is follow keenly on the ‘How-Tos,’ and you can “personally” certify yourself a Nigerian Chef.

A lot of debates circulate that Nigeria doesn’t have enough food. The truth is, Nigeria is blessed with so much food that there are thousands of recipes that you might never exhaust if you decided to take each of them one day at a time for a whole year. A lot of people are stuck with a boring food menu and so find the foods annoying.  Whether you are new to Nigerian foods or you are just in search of something different from the traditional dinner of garri or fufu and egusi soup, then you are at the right place.

Talk about heartwarming dinners with satisfaction and a happy family as its signature; then you are talking Nigerian dinner dishes.

The modern day Nigerian cuisine has modified Nigerian meals timetable to incorporate healthy Nigerian dinner ideas from different parts of the country. These nutritious dishes for dinner include different food crops like yam, rice plantain, spicy herbs and extras like meat, fish, oil, etc. Most of these dinner dishes are also meat-based soups, creamy stew, sauces, and tasty snacks.

Today, we introduce to you the top 7 Nigerian recipes you can have for dinner and fall victim of ‘love at first swallow.’·


Plantain porridge is your go-to meal when you need the veggies but not a soup for dinner. It is easy to cook and contains lots of vitamins that leave you potbellied for the evening. The plantain porridge can be prepared in different innovative ways and with different vegetables or a combo of the aromatic ones. All you need are; unripe plantains, salt, onions, pepper, vegetables (ugu or scent leaves), fish or meat and seasoning to taste and there you have it. Yummy!·


If your family cannot do a day without rice then here is another way of making rice your dinner without having plain rice and stew. Balangu Jollof is a favorite dish amongst the Northerners. It is deliciously made of any meat and made extra smoky and delicious. Your meat is fried with onion and tomato paste, and then some very common spices are added (thyme and yaji); this mixture is mixed with the white rice and set on fire until it is properly cooked. The super tasty Balangu makes for a lovely dinner dish for a change.


This food is indigenous to the Igbos as a lot of families eat soup for dinner. This dinner is known to be one of the best traditional national meals for dinner; and it needs okra, spices, vegetable and fish or meat. Serving Okra soup with Semovita /Eba/ Fufu makes it an ideal dinner in Nigeria.


A lot of people succumb into the delicious arms of Spaghetti professing their undying love while they wolf it down with beef stew. This is one of the quickest Nigerian dinner dishes you can make. It comes to life when the Spaghetti is boiled, and you make your new stew.


This is also easy and quick to prepare. The stew that is made from the yam and fish wouldn’t make hunger worms grow trees in your stomach by the time the food is done. All you need have for this meal include; Fish (of any choice), yam, vegetables (of any choice) and spices that will eventually make you hunger for more.


This is your perfect idea of a tasty, nutritious and healthy dinner. It fits perfectly into any Nigerian meals time table. The vegetables (carrots, green peas, green pepper, and some others) are cut separately after the rice has been prepared and steamed. Serve the white rice with your stew garnished with meat and vegetables.


This is the renowned dish in competition with Ghanaian Jollof. It is made using your tomato stew, chicken or beef sauce, vegetables, fish (of your choice), seasoning to taste. It is often eaten at parties, but it makes a sumptuous dinner too.

We believe we’ve been able to inspire you with top seven Nigerian dishes you can try out for dinner.

Are you excited about the new experience that you’ll have with cooking and eating dinner?

Have fun and enjoy your dinner always, preferably, with a glass of freshly prepared fruit juice.

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